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2022 LMLA Awards

 Every year, LMLA holds its annual award ceremony. This ceremony allows us to recognize a few of our outstanding members and show our thanks and appreciation for their leadership and hard work each year. We will also announce our 2022 Member of the Year. 

We ask our members to nominate a worthy LMLA member, whether they are on the organizational chart, a manager or executive, or someone who has done outstanding work.  We want to recognize those who have gone above and beyond this year.

Membership Award Descriptions

1. The Unsung Hero Award

Presented to an individual who, in some unique and significant way, contributed to the LMLA as a whole. This award recognizes an individual that might not be recognized through traditional awards criteria. The nominee must have contributed behind the scenes utilizing their skills, time and efforts to further the vision, mission and strategy of LMLA and must not be in a paid or leadership role.
Criteria is as follows:
  • Member of LMLA
  • Cannot currently be holding a position on the LMLA Board of Directors or Vice President Positions

2. Leadership Award

This award is presented to an individual LMLA member who has displayed outstanding leadership. This must be a member in good standing and must have exhibited outstanding leadership abilities through participation in NMA activities. The individual should be one who has motivated others to participate in chapter / council activities and should be a proponent of NMA’s Code of Ethics.

3. Distinguished Service Award

Used to recognize that individual who always goes above and beyond to support the Fort Worth LMLA chapter and make LMLA a better organization.

4. Shining Star Award

Used to recognize an individual’s efforts for a special project or initiative or overall enthusiasm and involvement.

Other Awards

These awards are given at the discretion of the committee and do not require special nominations. The committee will assess all nominations for the (4) previously mentioned awards above and decide the winners of the following awards: The World of Thanks Award, The Jade Award, and The Distinguished Recognition Award. More information on these awards is given below.

1. The World of Thanks Award

Given to an individual that has given back tremendously to LMLA.

2. The Jade Award

Given to an individual that has motivated other people to practice the principles of leadership and has served as a mentor for others.

3. The Distinguished Recognition Award

Given to provide special recognition to a member that has made LMLA a better organization through their dedication, inspiration, and leadership.

Award nominations for 2022 need to be submitted by November 10, 2022. Click here to download the 2022 LMLA Award Nomination Form

Thank you, as always, for your membership and your participation!