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The Communications team is responsible for publishing LMLA news, programs, community service events, and professional development opportunities to our members. These announcements are distributed through our weekly newsletter and various social media channels such as Linkedin and Facebook. We set, convey, and maintain the public voice of the organization by generating presentations, brochures, and flyers.

We also consult with the LMLA Executive Leadership Team, LMLA sponsors, and LM Aero Communications Group to effectively communicate their messages through the appropriate forums. In addition, we publicize LMLA’s internal SharePoint and Website operating processes for the entire LMLA organization to utilize. Communications also develops, administers, and helps evaluate surveys on behalf of our chapter to understand member satisfaction within our organization.


 The Lockheed Martin Leadership Association was founded in 1942 and operates as a not-for-profit organization. The Finance team works to maintain our not-for-profit status and to ensure our fiscal solvency to allow the maximum leadership development return to our members.

What Finance Does

  • Manages the fiscal year budget process for the organization
  • Reports the budget versus actual variances to leaders
  • Provides a monthly financial account to the LMLA Board of Directors
  • Manages the financial software and tools
  • Reconciles all financial transactions each month
  • Processes LMLA member and NMA dues
  • Ensures long term financial reserves through equity investment
  • Manages federal and state taxes and records
  • Provides financial literacy and education opportunities


The Technology Team is responsible for the building and maintaining the website, future mobile app, and SharePoint applications LMLA uses to collect and maintain information about the organization, its activities, its finances, and its membership. We work closely with Communications and Marketing to make sure our technology reaches our audiences in a clear and easily understood way. Whether it is to Aero employees, NMA, or audiences outside of Lockheed, Technology is responsible for maintaining the digital infrastructure that makes running LMLA possible.