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About Program Management Team

Programs Group

The Programs group plans every aspect of putting on large events for LMLA. We generally organize popular annual events such as Rodeo Night and Corporate Night. Occasionally, we do something completely different, such as having a special speaker in for a one-time event. Then we all pitch in to get everything arranged.

Duties include:

  • Reserve venues
  • Schedule speaker
  • Secure executive sponsorship
  • Schedule catering
  • Create program agendas
  • Handle ticket sales
  • Arrange for advertising materials
  • Reserve photographer

Working in Programs is rewarding in terms of both ensuring all details are taken care of and in having great opportunities to network, meet, and interact with the Executive Leaders of the company. Plus, we enjoy working together and always have a great time!

Professional Development Team

The primary purpose of the Professional Development Team is to promote personal and professional growth through education and leadership experiences. Participation in a planned course of study contributes to personal and professional development. To that end, we offer a substantial resource of educational materials and will continue to offer current courses and provide new programs.

Classes and Seminars

Classes and Seminars offered by LMLA are a no-obligation education and information opportunity. Participation is optional. You are under no obligation to purchase any product or service from the firm presenting the seminar or class. By offering you this seminar or class, LMLA, NMA and LM Aero do not make nor imply a recommendation or endorsement of the firm presenting the seminar, or any information, products or services they recommend.

Administrative Staff Duties

The administrative staff ensures instructional managers have the materials and information to coordinate successful classes of instructions, provides students and LM Aero employees with information on classes and events within Professional Development and provides venues to recognize professional development among LMLA members and LM Aero employees.

Instructional Staff Duties

The instructional staff continually solicits qualified instructors/facilitators for all classes. With instructors/facilitators, each instructional manager coordinates with instructors/facilitators to determines the class schedule, room location, and develops the Communication Request Form for approval by the Director of Personal Development.

Managers coordinate with instructors to forecast and update monthly, quarterly and annual class schedules. Managers receive the NMA CEU class roster from the instructor/facilitator, ensure completeness and correctness, generate the Check Request form to reimburse instructors for class instruction, and forward both the completed roster and check request to the Director of Personal Development. for review, signature approval, and financial processing. By the 5th day of each month, managers provide Director of Personal Development an activity report for the preceding month. Managers may be requested to provide a short bio and write up of their area activities and its contribution to LM Aero diversity and full spectrum leadership.

Service Team

LMLA provides members with opportunities to get involved serving the Fort Worth community. We align with Lockheed Martin’s focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and military/veteran causes.

Discover Community Service Opportunities

LMLA offers a range of activities for members and non-members to engage in to connect with the local community. Activities fall into many categories as shown below:

  • Charity Drives
  • Youth Activities
    • Educational / STEM
    • Mentorships
    • Recreational
  • Volunteers and Teams for Fundraising
    • Runs / Walks
    • Bicycling
    • Bowling
  • Building and Cleaning up the Community
    • Military and Veteran Activities

Take Action

Members can volunteer in activities promoted by through the LMLA Newsletter and on social media. Members who want to grow their leadership skills can join a manager's support team or apply for open manager positions in the organization.