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March, 2023

Virtual via ZOOM (ZOOM link will follow after registration)
12:00 PM
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In a new Leadership Speakers Series session, “The Pinnacle Effect” with Bryan Humphrey will cover the three C‘s of Peak performance are Concentration, Consequences and Celebration. As professionals, we like to think that becoming very productive and maintaining high outcomes levels are only designated for people who are lucky enough to have extreme talent. Also, it needs to be the right time or the company must have a unicorn as a leader. Even though having these 3 things could be good, these aren‘t just the things that are needed for a team to achieve at high levels consistently. Concentration is directly related to understanding what works and how to execute what works in different situations. Consequences is directly related to having a clear cause and effect to decrease the margin of error. Lastly, celebration is connected to increase human connection and levels of gratitude. In this speech, peak performance will be broken down simply and clearly.